PowerPro Extreme® 7.5

PowerPro Extreme 7.5 Starter

The new PowerPro Extreme® 7.5 motors — a high-torque, high-efficiency series — provide coverage for 6- to 12-liter engines used in marine, construction, coach/transit bus, agriculture and military applications. Each PowerPro Extreme 7.5 starter meets major OE engine manufacturer testing specifications, ensuring a simplified preventative maintenance program and a significant increase in vehicle uptime.

  • Industry-leading performance in 6- to 12-liter engines
  • Sealed, nose-less design protects against dust, oil and other contaminants
  • Planetary gear reduction design
  • Integral Magnetic Switch technology eliminates voltage drop
  • Soft start relay technology prevents ring gear damage
  • Weighs 21.5 pounds (9.8kg)
  • All-new, no-core